Sunday, March 10, 2019

You missed the play the US Army is making with the's their tracked ride going into the future!

I'm a bit surprised and amused that my readers (who are usually far ahead of the curve on things) have missed the US Army's play with regard to the AMPV.

It's their tracked ride going into the future.

The Bradley?  Done.  It's reached the end of practical development.  Adding any new upgrades will require essentially a brand new vehicle.  We're talking about suspension, engine, electronics, fire control, weapons etc...It's just not practical.

The Next Generation Fighting Vehicle?  It would be real nice.  My thinking is that budget reality is gonna make that a hard sell.  Congress might not go for it (although the Pennsylvania legislators will push hard).  Additionally the bird they have in hand now (the AMPV) will be pointed out as covering much of the same ground.

That leaves the AMPV.

Now look at Army development.  The M-113 is the Army's legacy ride.  It served several roles and continues to today.  The Bradley came along to make up for a perceived deficit in Europe and performed well in our desert campaigns but its gotten old.

The M-113 is the standard.

The Bradley never did replace it.  Instead it filled a niche capability.

The AMPV is slated to do what the Bradley couldn't with the added benefit of having growth potential into the future.

But what is the real give away?

The solicitation for information on a new unmanned turret mounting a 30mm cannon.  As many of you pointed out that will make it an instant upgrade over the Bradley. 

But what of the Stryker?

If my theory is correct and the AMPV turns into a surrogate Bradley, quintessential M-113 replacement then what happens to Strykers?  I think we're gonna see them flex into many of the roles that the M-113 fills.  There are already a huge family of vehicles out there.

The Army gets to neck down to the AMPV and Stryker as its "combat transport" for infantry and the cheaper to operate, wheeled Stryker takes on the M-113's vital but rear area roles in the high end fight.

That's what I'm thinking now tell me why I'm wrong...but before you do think about that AMPV with the 30mm turret and wonder why that's even a consideration for a vehicle that is ONLY suppose to replace the M-113....

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