Wednesday, April 24, 2019

AVX Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft Concept looks sweet!

Time for all you aviation bubbas to step up and correct me on what I'm seeing here.

Internal carriage of offensive payload should mean that this little puppy is quick.  I don't know how many hellfires or their future replacement this thing is gonna carry but if its 4 per side we're still looking at a robust payload of hate and hurt on the enemy.

I'm seeing what I think are 4 stingers on the wingtips.  Why the Army is so wedded to that limited weapon system is beyond me but it's there so we probably won't see them move up to what I consider as the minimum...sidewinders.  Side note.  Would the ceptor missile be a better performer?  Don't know. 

Moving on we see the standard AVX pushers at the back but what has me particularly jazzed is the idea that we're seeing a relatively small helicopter that's mounting impressive firepower.  We don't know the scale but the rotors extend past the body of the helicopter.

The best thing about this competition in my mind?

Even if AVX or another competitor loses they're still going to be able to get a model flying.  We're going to have advanced the tech and we might see models adapted to civilian or SOCOM or Allied use that didn't win the Army contract.

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