Monday, April 29, 2019

Closeup pic of the YJ-12...

pic via Chinese Military Aviation Blog (here)...

YJ-12 is first of the new generation of supersonic long-range AshMs which just entered the service with PLAN. A model of a mysterious supersonic ASM similar to French ASMP was first unveiled at the 2006 Zhuhai Airshow underneath the wing of a JH-7. However the initial speculation of a twin side air intake design as the possible configuration of YJ-12 turned out to be false. Developed by CASIC,  YJ-12 appears bigger than Russian Kh-31 but smaller than Kh-41. It features an integrated liquid fuel ramjet engine with a solid rocket booster. Four long narrow air intakes are attached to the body in an "X" arrangement. The missile is thought to have a cruise speed of Mach 2.5-3.5 and a range of 150-400km, depending on its cruising altitude. It typically flies a low-high-low profile. After launched from the carrier, it first climbs and cruises at a relatively high altitude before diving to a sea-skimming level at terminal stage and performs large-scale/high g maneuvers to avoid interception. Compared to the earlier YJ-83, YJ-12 is thought to carry a large warhead (250kg) capable of inducing substantial damage to large surface ships including aircraft carrier. YJ-12 was believed to have been test-fired from a modified H-6L prototype #872 between 2009 and 2010 and currently is in service with PLAN H-6L (x2) and H-6J (x6). The missile was speculated to be carried by PLAN J-16H (x2) as well. YJ-12 was officially unveiled during the 2015 VJ Day Parade in Beijing. Its export version was first unveiled at the 2016 Zhuhai Airshow as CM-302.
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