Thursday, April 18, 2019

EOS Defense Systems R400 would be a perfect fit for the ACV....

Want the ACV to get off to a running start?  Pick the EOS Defense Systems R400 for immediate fit to the vehicle.

No penetration into the troop compartment.

A nice sized gun NOW.


Extremely accurate.

Is it an enduring solution?  Not sure.  But I don't have visibility into their work. What I do know is that we can get awesome firepower that can reach out and hit enemy targets now without giving up any carriage ability.

It's a win-win that's available today!

Sidenote.  If the US Army was smart it would dump the Kongsberg for its Strykers and move this way...Of course that's just my opinion but we must not lose track of the real purpose of the IFV/APC.  To provide protected transport to infantry and to provide fire support when needed.

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