Thursday, April 18, 2019

We were so into the turret/gun on the ACV that Warrior Maven posted, that we missed the real item of interest...

Remember the pic I posted earlier today?  Warrior Maven had a pretty good write up on the 40mm cannon that was being tested on the ACV.

I guess we can be forgiven for focusing on the firepower aspect of things but we missed the real item of interest.

Look at the pic again.  Now check out what's highlighted below....

Yeah.  It's got one of those big masts that I've only seen on pure recon vehicles.  The Canadians were real big into it and I've seen the Germans dabble in it a bit, but this is a USMC vehicle.

Additionally if you've been keeping track of the talking points on the ACV and how the Marine Corps intends to use it, one of the "points" is how it fits into the network and will be a node in the system.

We need to know capabilities, weight etc....

The ACV is looking like it's trying to be a jack of all trades for us.  I'm pleased.  I guess we're gonna have to look hard to keep track of this thing.

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