Monday, April 22, 2019

Former CIA analyst says Intel Agencies dominated by liberals

via Free Beacon.
John Gentry, who spent 12 years as a CIA analyst, criticized former senior intelligence leaders, including CIA Director John Brenan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former deputy CIA director Michael Morell, along with former analyst Paul Pillar, for breaking decades-long prohibitions of publicly airing their liberal political views in attacking Trump.

The institutional bias outlined in a lengthy article in the quarterly International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence risks undermining the role of intelligence in support of government leaders charged with making policy decisions.

Gentry stopped short of saying the widespread liberal bias of intelligence officials has influenced intelligence reports and products. However, he concludes that "bias may have crept into CIA analyses."

"A considerable body of evidence, much of it fragmentary, indicates that many CIA people have left-leaning political preferences, but less evidence shows that political bias influences CIA analyses," Gentry concludes.
Story here.

Just plain wow.  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, but the part above should be troubling to most here.

Think about the implications.

Instead of calling it down the middle, intel analysis might have a left lean to it.  That's just as bad as it having a right lean!

We need our intel agencies to give policymakers the straight scoop.  No political beliefs involved.

A prime example?

The Iran issue.

Either they're on the cusp of building a bomb or they're not.

How about Russian influence in the election?

Either they were or weren't.  Either it altered the election or it didn't. 

The actions of certain individuals in the intel community makes all the bloviating and declarations we've heard over the past two years suspect and now we have someone saying what many have thought but dared not speak aloud.

Are our intel agencies politicized to such a degree that they're no longer reliable?

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