Monday, April 22, 2019

Philippines eyes upgrade of ACV-300 APCs to Infantry Fighting Vehicles

via Asia Pacific Defense Journal.
The Philippine Army (PA) plans to convert its small fleet of FNSS ACV-300 Advanced Armored Personnel Carriers (AAPC) to Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV), with the installation of a manned turret with a medium-calibre cannon.

According to Philippine defense page MaxDefense Philippines, the PA has a fleet of six (6) FNSS ACV-300 (now marketed by FNSS as the ACV-15) armed with manually-operated 12.7mm M2 heavy machine guns, which are the first recipients of the upgrade worth Php288 million (around US$5.55 million).

The procurement is expected to done via a Public Bidding, with Turkish defense company FNSS expected to participate.

The Philippine Army operates a few Infantry Fighting Vehicles in its fleet, with the the remainder of the FMC AIFV similar to the Dutch YPR-765 acquired in the late 1970s, around four (4) GKN Simba 4x4 IFVs armed with a 25mm Bushmaster M242 guns, and four (4) M113A2 IFVs equipped with the 25mm Bushmaster M242 gun on Elbit Systems UT25 unmanned turrets.
Say what you will but I believe that for a poor country they're making a sensible and economical decision here.  The threat is extremist and this vehicle should be effective, if not overwhelming, in the fight against them.

I think this is well done....especially considering budget restraints.

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