Friday, April 05, 2019

India's Air Force is taking a public relations beating!

Pakistan is enjoying this.  Every tweet I see from their military is doing this "humble brag" about the air to air battle a few weeks ago.

This is not good for India.

This is a black eye that will last for awhile.

Does it mean that we need to re-evaluate their effectiveness?  I don't think so.  It does mean that they need to get alot better with how they allocate their air force.

"Saving" the top gear for later on is a not workable in this age.  With smaller forces worldwide EVERY BATTLE COUNTS.  If not for effects on the battlefield then for public perception.

It looks like India has lost both the aerial fight and the public perception battle.  The worst thing?  They could have easily put a pin in this early on but instead allowed this thing to become a "he said, he said" and then finally for none other than the US to prove that they were wrong.

I expect resignations if not firings over this affair.  A Squadron Commander will go from hero to clown ricky tick quick too.

Just plain sad.

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