Sunday, April 28, 2019

Nexter Group - Scorpion Programme : Griffon 6X6 Armoured Vehicle & Jaguar 6X6 IFV

Thanks to Gerard for the link!

The armor revolution is here.  How do we know?  Cause the Jaguar IFV is relatively brand new.  When it was first conceptualized that 40mm cannon was considered a BEAST!  Now?  Now its consider ok, but nothing exceptional.  How much "power creep" have we seen?  Well the idea of Utility Vehicles running around with different versions of 30mm cannons is now accepted and almost expected!

What has me wondering is how long will the US Army's choice for its next generation combat vehicle be considered the "big dawg"?

Will we soon see a return to a 75mm cannon as we saw on the Rapid Deployment Light Tank?

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