Thursday, May 09, 2019

CH-53K Propaganda Vids...

You have to give Lockheed Martin credit. Serious credit on at least one front. We, the public want to know about their programs/aircraft. For better or worse they're actually telling us their story. While I might disagree with the tune they're singing at least they're singing. BAE was once just as open (the European division, the North American division has always seemed rather closed) and the only other manufacturer of note (that I can pull out the brain housing group right now) is General Dynamics. Those guys have historically been front and center but have tailed off lately.

So while I used the title as click bait, the reality is that they're doing what ANY corporation would do. They're telling us the good, downplaying the bad. It's unusual for me to heap praise on those boys but well done. Just do me a favor LM. Fix your stuff. The pics and videos are great but its got to work.

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