Thursday, May 09, 2019

This is the incredibly strong soldier morale of China’s PLA. They fear nothing via People's Daily, China Twitter Page...

A muddy obstacle course shows that the Chinese Soldier fears nothing?  I'm not even close to impressed.

I've been personally vacillating.  I wander between the old saying that the warhorses were saying during the Cold War.  "They keep telling us that Russian Soldiers are ten feet tall and bullet proof".

I wonder if I'm doing the same with the Chinese.  Then I look at different sectors of their defense industry.  It's not the individual soldier that is fearsome.  It's their industrial might that rivals our many ways surpasses it due to ignorant leaders that gave away our industrial capacity so they could take advantage of cheap labor while at the same time feeding the beast that is set to devour us.

Man for man I think we win.  But it will be hordes of Chinese ships, planes and armor we're facing.

In the Korean war we faced a numerically superior enemy and were sent on the longest retreat in US military history.

How would that turn out if we're faced with a numerically superior enemy with technical equality?

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