Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Depressing News. V-22 Fleet Wide Readiness Rate Hovers At 52%

via Aviation Week (behind paywall).
The readiness rate for the Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey is at a dismal 52% and will not hit the target of 80% set by former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “soon enough,” according to the tiltrotor aircraft’s program...

I thought we had turned the corner on the MV-22.  I thought that beast was finally performing but now we see this.

Disappointed doesn't begin to describe it.

This is down right depressing.

My issue?  Amos pushed an aviation centric Marine Corps but from my chair we seem to be failing miserably.  Obviously we don't have the CULTURE, maintainers or probably most importantly the money to achieve what they desire.

What's better.  To have 10 flyable airplanes or 20 airplanes in your inventory with only half flyable?

We keep increasing our capacity but seem unable to sustain it.  I've been beyond hard on Marine Air.  It's probably been over the top, but you must admit that something is wrong with this picture.

Let's run down the check list.

1.  We have MV-22's that are maintenance hogs and have a readiness rate just a tad over 50%.

2.  From what I understand the same applies to the CH-53E.

3.  We have a crazy expensive CH-53K coming online with hundreds of deficiencies that have to be sorted and STILL haven't justified buying 200 when the legacy number of E's was about 150.

4.  We're continuing to buy F-35Bs with their own problems and while deployments have been glorified, the reality is that it too has numerous problems that have yet to be resolved.  Oh and it too has readiness issues and is a maintenance hog.

Marine Air is NOT setup on a glide path of success.  We're building in failure due to decisions being made today.

My hope?

I hope the new Commandant commissions some kind of hardcore study to see what the problem is.  I hope he does a real assessment of whether or not this air centric Marine Corps is actually doable.  I pray that he makes some hard decisions on the course of Marine Air and sets it on a path toward success.

From my lips to God's ears.

What do we all know?  Hope is a useless emotion.  It takes work to make things work! 

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