Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Royal Marines Test Jet Packs for Amphibious Raids?

via Maritime Executive.
The Royal Navy's amphibious assault specialists, 1 Assault Group Royal Marines (1AGRM), recently brought emerging civilian technologies to their RM Tamar base in Devonport Dockyard for an innovation day. The idea was to study and think about how new tech can be brought to the battlefield.

It allowed the coxswains and operators of 1AGRM’s raiding craft the opportunity to open their minds further to future developments, using augmented and virtual reality kit, as well as the chance to question how unmanned systems can help them on operations.

As those on the frontline, the Royal Marines are looking to their commandos to give direction and share ideas as to how they could operate in the future. “This has been about exploring how we can take surface manoeuvre forward and all the different technologies that are out there,” said 1AGRM’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Chris Haw. “It’s not something we can specifically use today but something that has potential to be employed in the future.”
Story here. 

Uh.  Wow.  Are they serious?  Do they really see a future once this tech matures/evolves?

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