Thursday, May 23, 2019

Raids and drone strikes on High Value Targets hasn't worked so why do we continue?

I was talking to John F about MARSOC and its future when something dawned on me.

One of the hallmarks of SOCOM when it comes to mission sets is raids on High Value Targets.  As a matter of fact SOCOM has become just one HUGE raid force.

The Rangers should be pissed.  That was their claim to fame and now everyone is doing it.

Add in drone strikes against HVTs and you have almost our entire Middle East anti-terror strategy built around this one concept.

But why?

Why are we continuing to focus on this portion of the fight when its failed since the capture of Saddam and his execution all the way up to the killing of Bin Laden and even today with activity in Africa.

Is it me or does this have a whiff of the bad ole' days...sorta like body counts except much less effective than even that discredited butchers bill approach.

Am I wrong?

Don't rage.  Hit me with facts and tell me where I've gone off the rails.

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