Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Turning into FNSS Day on the blog. Next up the "ZAHA" (Turkish AAV)....

Thanks to Osmanoglu for the pic!

Note:  The title says this is turning into FNSS Day but that's a misnomer.  IDEF is going on now and thankfully we have someone providing us pics of various vehicles being shown at that event.  For that I'm grateful.


This beast is huge!  But what has me spinning is that IF the USMC hadn't been chasing the holy grail of an armored vehicle with high water speed, then we might have seen something similar from an upgraded/modernized AAV.

Hydrodynamics being what they are, I don't expect this thing to go much faster (if at all) then the legacy AAV or the upcoming ACV, but it is tracked and that's something that continues to nag about the ACV.

HQMC is convinced that the benefits of the upcoming 8x8 rig for our force is the right move but I can't shake the feeling that we're gonna miss tracks when transitioning from the water, onto the beach and crossing onto land.

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