Wednesday, May 08, 2019

US Navy moving on its 6th gen fighter WITHOUT the USAF!

Thanks to Super Rhino for the link!

via Popular Mechanics.
Flightglobal, reporting from the Navy League Sea-Air-Space conference in National Harbor, Maryland, states the navy has decided it has different priorities than the U.S. Air Force. Angie Knappenberger, USN deputy director of air warfare, told reporters that the Navy does not plan on using the fighter to penetrate enemy airspace, a key requirement for the U.S. Air Force’s Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) jet.
The Navy, by contrast, plans to use standoff missiles for deep penetration missions, or hand the missions off entirely to the Air Force. The Navy doesn’t want capabilities it doesn’t plan to use, which should lower costs. The aircraft will likely share some commonality with the F-35C, the carrier-based version of the F-35.
Story here.

This confirms what we've long suspected.  The US Navy DOES NOT believe in stealth!  Richardson was the most influential CNO in recent years.  Remember his mantra and burn it into your brain....PAYLOADS OVER PLATFORMS!

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