Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Arquus Scarabee goes airborne...

via Shepard Media...
Vehicle manufacturer Arquus is developing specialist trailer technology to enhance the capability of the Scarabee 4x4 light armoured vehicle (LAV) to support airborne operations, company officials have disclosed to Shephard.

Exhibiting the LAV to the international market for the first time at the Paris Air Show on 17 June, Arquus informed Shephard the upgrades would be suitable to undertake airborne insertion evaluation with a series of tactical transport aircraft including Airbus Defence and Space’s A400M.

Company officials said it was ‘too early’ to discuss specific timeframes for airborne insertion evaluation with the A400M. However, sources confirmed a single A400M would be capable of carrying up to three Scarabee LAVs, each one equipped with the new trailer which could be used to haul specialist equipment and capabilities.

The trailer, which has been designed with an integrated rechargeable battery to extend the mission endurance of small unit teams, could be used to carry a remote controlled weapon station or radar solution, company officials disclosed to Shephard. Alternative utility could see the trailer re-roled for troop transportation and cargo resupply missions, it was added.

A technology demonstrator of the trailer is due to be completed at the end of 2020 in response to emerging customer requirements, company officials claimed.
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