Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Lithuanian military receives first two Vilkas (Boxer) IFVs...

via Defense Aerospace.
One of Lithuania’s new Boxer infantry fighting vehicles fires a Spike anti-tank missile during evaluation trials. Lithuania has ordered 88 Boxers from Germany’s Artec. (Lithuania MoD photo)
On June 25 first two of 88 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) “Vilkas” were delivered to Lithuania. After a year of intense testing in training areas and testing centres of Germany and the Netherlands, serial production of the squad-level fighting vehicles for the Lithuanian Armed Forces has started.

IFVs “Vilkas” have been made by a German manufacturer ARTEC, according to the requirements of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The vehicles have Israel-made turrets, 30 mm MK-44S cannons and “Spike LR” anti-tank missiles, other specialised equipment and electronic systems.

The first IFVs “VIlkas” will be delivered to the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Battalion in Rukla to carry out acceptance procedures and after that formally given for using in the Lithuanian Armed Forces.
Story here.

I have to wonder why a small military force would go for what is arguably the most expensive IFV on the planet.

There are other good options out there but I guess the co-production scheme actually held sway.  I have no visibility on the process but I'm betting that Patria or General Dynamics Europe could have sold them AMV-28s or Piranha Vs for a better price.

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