Saturday, June 22, 2019

China Thinks the F-35 Would Get Trashed by Russia's New Su-57 Fighter

via National Interest.
Earlier this month, Chinese defense news outlet published an analytical piece on the state of Russia’s arsenal. The article looked to the Su-57, Russia’s upcoming fifth generation stealth fighter, as a case study in the failures and successes of Russia’s ambitious, decades-long campaign to modernize its armed forces.

Whereas other fifth-generation fighters—most prominently, the US F-35—are strategic weapons, the author argues that the Su-57 was designed for an entirely different purpose that makes sense within the broader context of Russian military doctrine: “The Russians have a very simple idea. Nuclear weapons will defend Russia against the aggression of great powers. Jet fighters, military vessels, and other tactical weapons will guarantee Russia’s victory in small, local conflicts.”

The publication then turns to an in-depth treatment of what they consider to be the Su-57’s trump card against American military hardware: its “stealth-killing” radio-photonic radar. lavishes the Su-57’s radar system with an impressive features list, including a “theoretical” maximum detection distance of 500 kilometers, imaging resolution and bandwith dozens of times greater than the “traditional” radar, and the ability to seamlessly switch between multiple frequencies without compromising performance. The article’s baseline standard for “traditional” radar specifications remains unclear.

The latter assertion figures prominently into their conclusion that the Su-57’s radar “trashes” even the “powerful electronic jammers” found on the F-35; whereas Russia was previously “helpless” against US jamming, “the new radar will directly ignore electronic interference.” Considering that the F-35 is supposed to make up what it lacks in the Su-57’s raw speed, maneuverability, and power with superior avionics and ECM (electronic counter measures) tools,’ analysis seems to strip the F-35 of its primary advantage over its Russian counterpart.
Story here. 

I look forward to comments from all parties but even if the Chinese are wrong about Russian Radio-Photonic Radar (and I can't even begin to touch on that subject...maybe my regulars can educate me) then I think they're spot on with the Russian thinking behind the SU-57 and spot on when comparing it to the F-35.

The SU-57 isn't built for peer vs peer combat.  The Russians aren't thinking that way.  By contrast the F-35 is designed for offensive warfare...its original title belied its design philosophy...a JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER!

Can we take it a step further and say that the whole scheme was built around the idea of coalition warfare based on a Desert Storm type scenario?

Opinions please!

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