Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Czech military signs contract for 62 Titus 6x6 Armored Vehicles...

via Defense Aerospace.
Deputy Minister of Defense for Armaments and Acquisitions Section Filip Říha and Milan Stupka, Managing Director of Eldis Pardubice, Ltd., signed a contract for the supply of 62 wheeled TITUS 6x6 armored vehicles on Friday June 21, 2019.

The contract covers 42 wheeled armored vehicles in command post version, and 20 others in the artillery coordination of fire support (MKPP) variant, and includes logistic support and training. The value of the contract is 6,072 billion crowns including VAT (€237 million—Ed.), and deliveries will take place in 2022-23.

"We have successfully completed a project that has been addressed since 2015. Our army acquires new combat vehicles that will be produced in the Czech Republic and will significantly contribute to the modernization of our ground forces," Defense Minister Lubomir Metnar stressed.

“In order to adapt to the conditions of the modern battlefield, we need a new armored vehicle that will enable us to reinforce command and control capabilities of deployed units, both within our country and abroad. TITUS will replace obsolete equipment and will equip units from the 4th Brigade Task Force,” said Army Commander General Aleš Opata.

TITUS vehicles were developed on the Czech Tatra 6x6 chassis and fitted with a combat extension from the French company Nexter Systems, from which Eldis acquired exclusive licensing rights related to delivery, production and service.
This vehicle gets little attention but as far as the "truck to armored vehicle" market segment, I think its probably at the top of the class.

What has me particularly jazzed is that its capable of carrying a decent number of troops.  Almost makes me think that OSHKOSH is missing the boat by not doing the same with the MTRV.

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