Sunday, June 30, 2019

Russia presents new T-15 variant (upgunned with a 57mm cannon!)

via Janes.
Rostec subsidiary Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) presented a new variant of the T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) at the Army 2019 defence exhibition held in Kubinka, close to Moscow, on 25-30 June. This version uses a modified variant of the Kinzhal 57 mm turret developed by TsNII Burevestnik that was shown in 2018.

The 2019 Kinzhal turret appears to be a cropped version of the one shown in 2018, with a much smaller side profile, which may be indicative of modifications made to the ammunition stowage and feed systems. The turret also appears to be mounted somewhat higher off the top of the hull than the 2018 Kinzhal, which may be indicative of modifications to allow greater weapon elevation.

Of interest is also the fact that both the gunner sight and the commander's independent sight are different, and appear to use the same sighting system as that used on the 2S38 Derivatsiya-PVO, which was first unveiled in 2018, and had a smaller side profile than the 2018 Kinzhal. As such, it is highly likely that some of the development work that has been used for the Derivatsiya has made it into the T-15 turret programme, given that TsNII Burevestnik is the company that developed both the Kinzhal turret and the Derivatsiya.

The 2019 Kinzhal retains many of the same features as the 2018 variant, such as the 57 mm rifled automatic cannon, which has been referred to as carrying the 2A91 GRAU designation in local sources, and the cannon shown was also not fitted with a muzzle-mounted ammunition programmer as was fitted on the Derivatsiya-PVO. It likewise retains the bank of two 9M120 Ataka missiles on the right-hand side of the turret, and the layout of the smoke grenade launchers remains the same. The T-15 host vehicle also did not appear to possess any modifications other than the new turret. 57mm cannon on a heavy IFV?  Add a decent APS and this thing will be a beast on the battlefield.

The Armor Evolution Race is full tilt boogie.

We're slow out the starting blocks.  I still think the Russians are building a DEFENSIVE, not offensive force but you know China is looking over their shoulders and many of these vehicles WILL hit the export market.

Wherever and whoever we fight next will be much harder than it was in the past....especially if vehicles like this start spreading to hostile countries.

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