Sunday, June 30, 2019

Russia unveils new Sosna variant on BMP-3 chassis

via Janes.
The Nudelmann Design Bureau unveiled the Sosna short-range air defence (SHORAD) system mounted on the BMP-3 chassis at the Army 2019 defence exhibition being held in Kubinka close to Moscow on 25-30 June.

The system was first shown publicly at Army 2018 mounted on the MT-LB chassis. The BMP-3 chassis has both a faster swim speed and greater ballistic protection than the MT-LB chassis.

The Sosna system is armed with 12 9M340 missiles, which are arranged in banks of six on either side of the turret. The missiles are two-stage, with a large booster first stage, and a dart-like unpowered guided second stage containing the warhead.

The Sosna system uses an infrared sensor for target detection and tracking, while the missiles operate on the laser-beam-riding guidance principle. This reliance on passive detection means that the Sosna does not trigger radar warning receivers and can be difficult to detect prior to missile launch. The system is capable of firing on the move.
Neat, clean design.  Based on a proven platform, coupled with a missile system that is already in service.  Why can't we do this?

Regardless you know what this is don't you?  This is a rotary winged/deep penetration helo killer.

What happens when we can't rely on Air Force/Navy/Marine fast jets because they're fighting for control of the sky AND our rotary aviation is jacked because the enemy has passive anti-air systems mounted on high mobility vehicles roaming the battlefield?

Everything that has spinning propulsion is hazarded...from AH-64/AH-1Zs to MV-22s, CH-53s and CH-47s.

The Russians appear to be working on counters to our counters...

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