Sunday, July 21, 2019

Chinese govt responding to the Hong Kong protests?

Thanks to Rupert for the link!

The title is pure click bait but I believe it covers what I saw in this video.

Think about it...

1.  All the "white shirts" appear to be of prime fighting age.  I believe they're either military or para-military by their appearance.

2.  They're all uniform in appearance.  One thing we know about "young men".  Unless conditioned by training you'll always see a peacock in the group.  Not only are they uniform but their "tools" are uniform too.

3.  The selection of weapons is calculated to cause pain but did you notice how they're striking these protesters?  For the most part no strikes to the face or head.  No strikes at knees.  They're all aimed at the victims back.  That's training and its operating under use of force rules.  What about the outliers that are hitting people about the head?  They're also unmasked.  My guess is that they want them identified (probably sheep dipped to have a Hong Kong address) as patriots defending China against foreign interference.

Long story short?

The paramilitaries are active and they're taking it to the protesters.  I expect more than a few people to be rounded up, if not tonight then certainly thru the week.

The Dragon is about to roar.

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