Friday, July 26, 2019

FBI Director says that China is our nation's most dire counter intel threat!

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via Epoch Times
The FBI has more than 1,000 active investigations into theft of U.S. intellectual property, “almost all leading back to China,” as the communist regime is waging a “generational fight” to achieve economic dominance, FBI Director Christopher Wray told a Senate committee on July 23.

“There is no country that poses a more severe counterintelligence threat to this country right now than China,” Wray told the Senate Judiciary Committee, reiterating previous warnings he made about the Chinese regime.

Beijing is using both state and non-state actors to “steal their way up the economic ladder at our expense,” he said.

“It is a threat that’s deep and diverse and wide and vexing in terms of the kinds of actors that are used, the kinds of techniques used, or the kind of targets that are used,” Wray said. “It affects basically every industry in this country.”
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A few things...

1.  I told ya so.

2.  It's about time leadership woke up to this threat. 

3.  Apparently the previous couple of years of Russia, Russia, Russia is behind us and we're now focusing on the real threat and not the one that was politically fashionable.

But do we have time to get focused and working on defeating this real threat to our Republic?

I don't know.  Too many refuse to see the danger.  Too many want the status quo no matter how fleeting it is and ignore the reality right before their eyes.

There are glimmers of hope though.

via Fox News.
Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said China is the No. 1 threat to U.S. security. 
 “China is a threat economically and diplomatically. I think it's time we address some of these issues -- militarization of the South China Sea, the Communist Chinese Party launching cyberattacks against the U.S., theft of intellectual property, and a significant expansion of military capability.”
Story here. 

via Bloomberg
 Mark Esper, President Donald Trump’s nominee for defense secretary, said the U.S. needs more bases “throughout the Indo-Pacific region” to counter China’s “significant technological advancements.”

“Alternate operating locations” will be sought as the Pentagon works “to develop new concepts, build a distributed and resilient force posture and field new capabilities to counter these threats,” Esper, who had been serving as Army secretary and then as acting defense secretary, said in written answers to questions from lawmakers ahead of a Senate confirmation hearing that convened on Tuesday morning.
 “China has made significant technological advancements in weapons systems designed to defeat, or drastically reduce the effectiveness of U.S. forces, including in the range and accuracy of its missile forces,” Esper said. “China is also developing sophisticated on-orbit capabilities, such as satellite inspection and repair, some of which could also function as a weapon.”
Story here. 

Yeah.  They're waking up to the threat.  The question really becomes.  Is it coming too late?  Do we have time to reorient ourselves to this threat?  Do we have the national will to emerge victorious?

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