Friday, July 26, 2019

Royal Marines PTIs...

Thanks to Noble for the link!

I had one occasion to do PT with these dudes and trust me.  They'll leave you in a puddle of sweat, fear, hatred and evil intent!

Quite honestly I don't know why every Marine Corps Battalion doesn't have a PT Instructor trained the Royal Marines way.

Notice that they still do it old skool style.

No military reinterpreting of crossfit.  None of the idiocy with extraneous equipment that supposedly helps measure fitness.

Naw.  They keep it simple and effective.

My opinion?

Scrap the Combat Fitness Test.  Go back to old skool training in the Royal Marine way (old USMC way too!) and put away the toys.

All the equipment that is now needed to assess fitness is just wrong.  Simple is effective.  Practice makes perfect.  Training properly will lessen injuries. The CFT is crossfit and crossfit is a fad.

Note.  If we're going smaller then we need to increase the number of subject matter experts!  I've called for Mountain/Arctic Leaders, Jungle Experts, Desert Patrollers etc...across all our Battalions. This is where PARTNERSHIPS would actually serve a purpose.  Use the Brits jungle school (even the French one) and run our MEUs thru them while on float.  Same with our trips to Northern Europe so we can get some of that Mountain Leader/Arctic Warfare stuff the Royal Marines do.  Team up with the dudes that run desert schools...hell even get up with the Brit Desert Rats for our mechanized forces.  Too often partnerships have been about exercises of dubious quality or watching aviation land on each others ships.  How about we start taking advantage of some excellent training programs that our allies run?  I highlight the Brits cause I'm more familiar with what they're doing but I'd bet everyone would be willing to teach us their speciality/allow us to utilize their schools/trainers,  if we simply asked.

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