Friday, July 05, 2019

Former Acting CIA Director says that the US Could lose if we went to war with China...

From CBS News via
China's expanding global influence directly competes with America's military, economic, and technological might – and the country is considered by many to be the U.S.' top national security threat.

In an interview with "CBS This Morning" Wednesday, former acting CIA director and CBS News contributor Michael Morell offered another daunting prediction: if the United States went to war with China in East Asia, we could "possibly lose."

China "has gained on us more rapidly than any other country has in history, militarily," Morell said. "If we had to fight a war against them today, in East Asia, we would struggle to win and could possibly even lose that war." 
Story here. 

Lots of platitudes, lots of  if's and but's... the reality however is stark.

We've never faced a threat like China and due to the flawed concepts of military to military engagement, business influence and an endless war on terror, leadership has been slow to wake up to the threat.

Russia is not a threat.

China is.

Russia is building a defensive force.  China is building an expeditionary force while using stolen tech to accelerate their development.

A stupidly conceived "global economy" has only helped their rise and ignorance mixed with normalcy bias has further hampered our ability to deal with them forcefully.

Future generations will ridicule us for failing to act.  Triviality rules the day while an existential threat to the US profits from the consumerism of the American people.

We could lose a war with China?

We will lose the coming war with China unless we get harder, faster.

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