Friday, July 05, 2019

With the EXTREMELY small military display on the 4th in the books, can we clear the air behind the whole thing?

I've watched with more than a bit of amusement at the shouts and yells of outrage at the US military displaying a pathetically FEW vehicles at the 4th Of July parade.

Now that its over can we get a little bit of sanity?  How about we go a step further and talk about the REALITY of how this all came to be?

via US Today (2017)
 France put on a dazzling Bastille Day display for President Trump on Friday, an occasion that marked both the founding of French democracy and the centennial of the United States' entry into World War I.

The colorful parade along the French capital’s famous Champs-Élysées included U.S. soldiers marching with their French counterparts.

Dozens of military planes and helicopters flew above as military bands played traditional marches.

One band spelled out the word "NICE" in front of Trump and his host, French President Emmanuel Macron. It was a tribute to the 86 people killed in a truck rampage by an Islamist terrorist one year ago during a Bastille Day celebration along the famed Promenade des Anglais in the French Riviera resort.

"It was a great honor to represent the United States at the magnificent #BastilleDay parade. Congratulations President @EmmanuelMacron!" Trump tweeted.
Reality #1.

Trump was inspired by Bastille Day, not a parade in Red Square or a display by the N. Koreans.  The amount of silliness surrounding this one issue has caused me much annoyance.

I don't get how people could get something so simple so wrong.

Additionally the French while playing a unique role in our independence aren't the only Western nation that puts on displays (parades) for their local populations.

I can post DVID article after DVID article that shows US troops participating in parades from Europe, to Asia and even in Africa.

Parades are a pain in the ass for troops but make no mistake about it.  Generals love the things!

Reality #2.

The amount of over the top "he's acting like a dictator" is just silly.  Worse, its coming from those that have served and know better.  Why?  I have no idea but something that should have been a great selling point for the US military that DESPERATELY needs volunteers has been squandered.

Reality #3.

I find it amusing that the US military supposedly had issues with driving tanks in the open down the streets of Washington DC while at the same time they have no problem doing urban exercises in major US cities all the time under the cover of darkness using SOCOM forces. 

This was just stupidity in a handbag.

It shouldn't have even risen to the level of a talking point but for some reason it has.  Thank God its over.

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