Sunday, July 14, 2019

What happened to the Romanian-Rheinmetall Agilis?

Was doing a scroll thru previous blog posts and rolled across one that I did on the Romanian Agilis (here).

A quick check of Google to try and find out what was going on with the program revealed several articles that put further development in doubt because the Romanian have recently purchased the Piranha V 8x8, but I did find this via
Rheinmetall’s investment through the Romanian-German joint venture Romanian Military Vehicle Systems (RMVS) will create more than 600 direct and indirect jobs at the factory in Moreni. 400 units of 8×8 Agilis armoured conveyors will be manufactured here and about 87 percent of the components will be produced and supplied from Romania, a press release shows.

This is the first joint venture in the Romanian defense industry where the Romanian state owns 50 percent. Thus, the first Romanian armoured conveyor will be sent to the National Army in 2020.

”Each invested euro in the Moreni factory multiplies. There are amounts that remain in the Romanian economy, as well as the intellectual rights of the product, as it is a product made in Romania,” Karl-Ulrich Zulauf, General Manager RMVS said.

Just on Wednesday, the Competition Council (CC) authorised the economic operation by which Romarm SA (UAM) and Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH set up the new joint venture.

The Agilis will incorporate Romanian technologies from the local-made SAUR prototypes and German Boxer 8×8 armoured vehicles.

The Agilis vehicle is 8.02 metres long and 2.99 metres wide and is powered by a 612 horsepower diesel engine from the German manufacturer Liebheer. The top speed of the Agilis is expected to exceed 100 kilometres per hour on road, while the road range is more than 800 kilometres. The vehicle can climb 60 percent slope and drive on 30 percent side-slope. The vehicle is designed with a turn radius of 9.5 metres.
Story here. 

Is this accurate?  Are the Romanians still on track to produce the vehicle in 2020?  That article is from Jan 2018 so its over a year old now and I couldn't find anything more recent.

As far as the vehicle itself is concerned, I don't think it'll be ground breaking. If anything I see it as a competent 8x8 that could potentially get substantial orders IF they're able to incorporate cheap Romanian labor (skilled labor) with Rheinmetall tech.

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