Saturday, July 13, 2019

This article explains how arrogance trumped commonsense in Turkey's decision to buy S-400s and threaten/end participation in the F-35...

via Foreign Policy.
Turkey is even more dependent on the F-35 network, because its own aviation industry supplies a number of F-35 components. It would face major losses if the United States cut Turkey off for good. Whereas the Pentagon estimates that finding alternate domestic suppliers to replace Turkey will cause at most a few months’ delay, Turkish production lines will be unable to so easily adapt, putting at risk the $12 billion in component parts business Turkey expected. That figure may be a rounding error for the trillion-dollar F-35 program, but it is equivalent to eight years’ worth of all Turkish aerospace exports. Erdogan will thus pay a high cost if he crosses the United States and persists in his purchase of Russian weaponry.
Story here. 

The article makes some linkages that I believe are a step too far.  I'm not exactly a fan of the F-35 but to consider it the equivalent of what the Chinese are attempting with their "Belt and Road" Initiative is in my opinion a bridge too far.

What did catch my attention is the arrogance of Turkey's stance.

Erdogan risked (and now has lost) the equivalent of eight years worth of Turk aerospace exports.

That is nutty beyond belief.  Even worse?  TASS is reporting that sanctions will be levied against Turkey next week (Bloomberg: US to announce sanctions against Turkey at end of next week http: //

Long story short?

This was an extremely short sighted decision that did NOT enhance Turkish security, threatens their economy further and will only lead to more pain for his people.  What was he thinking?

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