Saturday, August 31, 2019

"The Other Chris" Twitter Page talks about all mech infantry with no room for he talking reality or missing a critical detail?

The above is just a small sample but go here to check out the entire thread.

My thinking?

I'm vacillating back and forth between what I consider to be a couple of realities.

The first is that we're already at the stage of all infantry being to one degree or another mechanized/motorized.  We're seeing that with the US Army and Marines push to field Infantry Squad Vehicles.

But I also know that there is the classic teaching that says that light infantry is most effective in built up areas and mechanized forces are most vulnerable...the same applies to the jungle.

Additionally (and I don't know if it applies today) but I do recall at one time that a "leg" infantry unit had more Soldiers than their mechanized counterpart.

In cities or the jungle those additional numbers could be important.

Long story short?

I cringe at the idea of infantry becoming wedded to a vehicle.  My opinion is that the very thought of a "mothership" builds in a vulnerability that should not exist.

I guess what I'm saying is that Cav Scouts have a role to play, but infantry shouldn't follow their lead.  Totally different job and the two should not mix.

But that's my opinion.  What do you guys think?

Note.  Make sure to stop over at "The Other Chris" Twitter Page and give him your thoughts there too.  That dude is worth a follow.

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