Saturday, September 21, 2019

AB made a terrible bed he now has to lay in...

Wow.  It's a weird thing.  In addition to being a Saint's fan I'm also part of the Steeler nation.

This AB thing has me spinning a bit.

Dude was such a feel good story.  Homeless as a youth, putting all his efforts into getting into the NFL and becoming a success.


Then it seemed to unravel in Pittsburgh.

He talked smack about the organization and giving the benefit of the doubt I just thought maybe it was a few egos colliding and that while he wasn't on one of my teams he still was good to go.

He pushed his way out, got a huge payday from Oakland and then the weirdness began at training camp.

The rest is well known but its stunning how quickly he went from having generational wealth to looking for a job and probably blackballing himself from the entire league.

Everyone (myself included) is always focused on generating wealth.  Perhaps the focus needs to change drastically.

1.  Look after your mental well being cause AB obviously needs help.

2.  Look after your physical well being.

3.  Take care of family/those you care about.

4.  After your other priorities (religion etc...) then worry about wealth.

This dude just proved one thing.

As fast as you can aquire things on this planet, you can just as quickly lose them.

AB is a mess and now he's a meme.  I pity him but I can't feel sorry for him (there is a distinction).

He made a terrible bed and now he has to lay in it.

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