Sunday, September 22, 2019

Jesus! This Canadian Trooper has an identity crisis!

I am truly at a loss on this one.

Canadian Cammies.

18th Airborne Corps patch on one arm.

Canadian flag flying above the same arm.

American flag on the opposite arm.

I'm assuming (don't know) Canadian jump wings below the flag!

Exchange officer?  Some kind of adviser on a humanitarian mission going on somewhere and we're falling in on Canadian forces?

Regardless there is alot going on in this pic.  Dark green soldier just over his shoulder is gazing off into space, obviously uninterested in what's being said.

Colors are cased.  Wonder why.  You drag it out then you let that puppy fly!  Nobody looks exactly thrilled and no one is pristine so maybe someone screwed up and they're hashing it out.

Regardless I'd sure love to know the story behind this bubba's uniform setup.

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