Thursday, September 12, 2019

This Vaping Thing is curious...

This Vaping thing is curious as hell to me.  They're banning flavored "vaping" but keeping the rest on the market.

In the background we have the legalisation of marijuana like its cool beans.

Really don't care about each but I find the issue puzzling.  They ban vaping on one hand (or seem to be getting ready for it) while on the other approving marijuana.

From my chair it just seems strange.  Additionally I'm a bit concerned that the President can at the flick of his wrist decide what can and can't be consumed purely on the basis of a public relations surge.

I can't lay my finger on it but it seems bad for the rule of law and shows the danger of democracy.

A determined few can alter the rules for the rest of us.

Note.  I don't vape.

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