Monday, October 21, 2019

Chinese born US Navy Lt arrested for spying worked at the ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE UNIT in NAS Jacksonville

 The FBI investigation into a Jacksonville Navy lieutenant with connections to Chinese nationals added a new twist Friday.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by News4Jax, another arrest was made in a separate investigation with ties to Jacksonville Lt. Fan Yang, a Chinese-born man who became an officer with the U.S. Navy.

Zheng Yan, 27, has been accused of conspiracy to violate federal law for smuggling U.S.-made vessels, flash drives other and equipment that was bound for the Chinese government.

Zheng Yan is named in the United States District Court complaint along with Lt. Yang and Yang Yang. Ge Song Toa, a Chinese national with connections to the Yang's and Zheng Yan, is also facing multiple charges.

Lt. Lang and Yang Yang were both arrested Thursday and accused of conspiracy to violate federal law, specifically prohibitions on firearm possession by an alien admitted under nonimmigrant visa and transfer of a firearm to a nonresident between March 2017 and Sept. 2019. Their home in San Jose was raided by the FBI and NCIS on Thursday.

The case could have bigger implication because Lt. Yang is a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare unit at NAS Jacksonville and had top security clearances. 
Story here. 

We are thoroughly penetrated with traitors inside our military and security services.

We can't win until we conduct a complete and thorough mole hunt.  Sorry folks. It's past time to get serious about this stuff. 

The Chinese are robbing us blind and our own "sensibilities" are being used against us.

Be hard.  Be fair.  But how about a little common sense!  We MUST remove these threats!

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