Friday, October 18, 2019

Chinese Naval Ship Numbers...Congress we have a problem...

If we're lining up for a naval battle and attrition becomes an issue then head up we're at a disadvantage.

For better or worse, even if we mass ships we'll need allies in the region.

One thing.

We're counting hulls.

I'm not sure how naval aviation will play in any scenario and how it should be counted toward the tally of forces.  I guess we would need to count heavyweight anti-ship missiles too.


Things APPEAR to be problematic if we tie up with the least now. The 2nd Fleet is gobbling up resources for a Russian Navy that is to be frank, not that formidable.

If we're serious we need to realign our forces.  Even if Russia is a threat we might need to accept some risk, toss some responsibility for their own defense to the Europeans and get after the Chinese threat.

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