Friday, October 18, 2019

General Dynamics Mobile Protected Firepower Concept...


An Abrams turret on an ASCOD hull?  Should be well protected AND provide tremendous firepower.

But will it be too heavy?  If I recall this is aimed at Airborne/Infantry Brigade Combat Teams.  If the focus is on Airborne then I'm guessing the BAE offering might have an edge.  If the IBCT and survivability is the need AND you're looking to standardize your logistics lines to the greatest extent possible (with a smaller training syllabus) then General Dynamics all day.

How do I think this will turn out?

I think the US Army will buy both!

Hear me out.

I didn't post on it but concern has been building in Congress (much too late in my opinion) about our industrial base.  From my seat the only "industrial base" we have left is in the defense sector.

Word is that everyone is all onboard protecting it AND growing it.

The BAE M8 Buford will be purchased for the Airborne and a few might even get tossed to the 101st Air Assault.  The General Dynamics offering will be tossed to the rest of the IBCTs (Stryker based).

You heard it here first.

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