Saturday, October 19, 2019

What I've been into...

Been up to my neck so much to my surprise and astonishment the blog e-mail is jam packed and I have to sort thru stuff you guys have sent.  Sorry bout that.  Anyway below is a new purchase and a project I'm working on...

Poor pic quality ... I KNOW ... but the rub of it is that I bought a Glock 43X as a CCW and Back Up.  Awesome gun.  Round count is not "ideal" but with a spare mag more than reasonable.  Cell phone to call for help while I extricate myself from the madness is what I'm looking for and this fills the need.  Side note to retired military, law enforcement, reserve law enforcement etc.  You can't beat Glocks Blue Label pricing.  My armory is standardized (to a large part) and I can even add to it with that program.  GREAT STUFF!

Again, poor pic quality!  But the rub is this.  Glock 19 is my "war gun" and I wanted to update/make it more effective.  Eye site taking a hit the solution is obvious.  I need a red dot to get me back to one shot one stop.

Above you see a Glock 19 slide milled for an RMR by Brownells.  I'm not made of money and after a bit of research I decided that the Brownells delivered what I wanted, has added slide serrations toward the front sight and has great reviews.

I'll build this out myself.  Just need a slide kit to get the guts in and then off to the range (once the RMR is mounted) to see if theory meets reality.

An additional benefit was that my original slide will be available as a back up if this doesn't perform as expected.

So besides work, this has been my play. 

As far as jumping on the red dot bandwagon.  What do you guys think?

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