Thursday, November 14, 2019

CH-47D with upgraded engines...

And just like that, sales of the CH-53K got throat stomped.  I mean seriously! Why pay for a 100 million dollar a piece helicopter when you have one at a third of the price that begins to approach the same lift capabilities?

The Commandant said to challenge all previous assumptions right?

I challenge anyone to explain why we MUST have a 100 million dollar helicopter!  I want to know how often we will carry outsized loads that actually require the extra capability that the CH-53K offers!

If you can't do it easily...if you have to "reach" then the whole thing needs to be rethought.

Want a real return to Marine Corps values?

Then we do more with less.  That means that "gucci" anything needs to be properly assessed to determine its REAL value to our Corps and nation!

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