Monday, November 25, 2019

Chaiseri Armoured Wheeled Amphibious Vehicle (AWAV).

via Shepard Media.
Similar in size is the First Win Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle (AIFV), although its main difference is that it is designed for amphibious mobility. Powered by rear-mounted propellers, it can move at water speeds of 8km/h, plus it can ford obstacles up to 1m deep. Chaiseri also refers to it as the Armoured Wheeled Amphibious Vehicle (AWAV). Later it will be tested in the sea and is expected to be able to operate in Sea State 2.

The First Win AIFV weighing 11.5t is slightly wider at 2.596m, which should assist with waterborne stability. It is 6.09m long and 2.42m high, and it is powered by a 330hp engine. Again, it can accommodate up to six passengers/crew.
Story here. 


Just throwing it out there but would it ever make sense for the USMC to try for a "unique" (meaning service specific) air transportable, JLTV sized but amphibious, utility vehicle?

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