Monday, November 25, 2019

More on British Armed Forces chaos...

The Royal Navy are said to be furious over the decision to lease out one of the two flagship Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers that have recently been commissioned.

A military told The Sunday Times: “The army hates the aircraft carriers, which they have always seen as white elephants, but the Americans love them.

“They’re cutting-edge because they can operate with far fewer crew than the US carriers.

“Both the army and the navy think that the job of the RAF will soon be done by drones.”

The considerations for military cuts remain at an early stage but have followed a directive by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace that they must “cut their cloth” according to the budget.

He has secured another £2.2billion for the military but said he wants better kit rather than an expanded fighting force.

In September, Mr Wallace revealed the money would go towards “dilapidated not fit for purpose accommodation.”

The news comes as a former British Army Chief of General staff described how cuts to the defence budget in recent years has left the Army, “half as capable as it once was”.
Story here. 

Read the whole thing but don't laugh.  This is coming to the US military soon enough.

We might see the same interservice arguments too.  The F-35 took too long, took up too much money and left the ground forces (and to an extent rotor aviation/ship maintenance/ship procurement/bomber force etc...) in a lurch trying to make up for over a decade of LOST PROCUREMENT!

The British Armed Forces are singing "Oh Bad Things Are Bad"...pretty soon the US Armed Forces will be singing the same tune.

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