Friday, November 29, 2019

Fallout 4 - Intro Cinematic (Colorized using AI Machine Learning)

The Fallout series is a cult classic in the gaming community.  But what should catch the attention of military theorists is the baseline story.

While the game is set on surviving the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, the foundation is based on conflict between China and the US.

Additionally its based on a fight over resources.

China invades Alaska looking for now scarce oil.  The US annexes Canada as a way to bolster its defenses against the Chinese invasion.

Chinese subs slink into US waters and launch missiles at near point blank range against every major city on the East Coast.  Other Chinese boats do the same on the West Coast.

The US develops power armor as a force multiplier.  Chinese troops flee in fear whenever they show up on the battlefield.  The Chinese develop stealth suits that allow them to infiltrate US installations at will.

Want a glimpse (through the lore of the story) at some gamers view of how an alternative future plays war between the US and China might go?  Then check out the Fall Out series...especially check out the lore channels.  Below is a great series that might be of interest in between football this weekend (GO LSU TIGERS!!!!...throat stomp Texas A&M!).

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