Thursday, November 07, 2019

MTS SWOLLY works! Public service announcement!

I've been on a weird fitness journey.  At the beginning I'd take any and everything.

Then I pared it down and went with "bro science".


Now I've pared down on even the bro science and need a bit of scientific evidence that what goes into my body will actually work.

This left my supplement cabinet pretty thin.  Protein, selected pre-workouts (to get me going) and that was about it.

I just added SWOLLY to the mix...and maybe you should consider it too.

What was my attraction?

It is a "protein amplifier".  My issue was post workout soreness.  Shift work gets long, sometimes sleep is limited and since I'm trying to get after it on a regular bases I need my protein to deliver to preserve my gains and to even help me with growth.

SWOLLY delivers.  Even better?  It's ingredients are scientifically proven to deliver so the growth, lack of soreness etc...are beyond a placebo effect.

Give it a try, the price is right and on this one I know what I'm talking about. Tell the dude at Tiger Fitness I sent ya!

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