Thursday, December 26, 2019

A troll insists we have supremacy over China...this is why I am worried...

Yesterday I posted a story about China's new 10,000 ton Destroyer (at that size it should be listed as a cruiser or in the modern era maybe even a pocket battleship) gaining land attack missiles.

My troll went on to say that I was defeatist and that we naturally had supremacy over the Chinese, that they were simply trying to duplicate what we had many years ago and that I was simply feeding into a myth.

That's why I posted the above video.

China is an entirely different type of threat.  I don't think we've faced anything like it in our nation's history.


It's a mix of political, economic, business, trade and culture.

In short, China will do whatever is necessary to win.  They will steal our tech even if it means endangering trade with one of their largest customers.  It will copy our vehicles/ships/aircraft and put a Chinese spin on them without shame.  They will examine every piece of information available on the net, and seek vulnerabilities.

And probably most importantly they have a united society (to a greater degree than our own) focused on its rise.

But if you don't believe me check out the video.  Drink it in.  Yeah its from 2014 but do you think things have changed for the better since then?

I rest my case Harry.  Back to you bro.

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