Wednesday, December 25, 2019

China's 10,000 ton destroyer now sports Long Range Land Attack Missiles....

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But this was/is my worry.  How do you defeat cruise missiles?  Well the last time we saw an armada faced with a missile threat they did indeed disperse their fleet (Brits versus the anemic Argentine Naval Air Fleet).

The result?  Limited success and a victory by the skin on their teeth.  They lost picket ships, a couple of cargo carriers (along with valuable aircraft dispersed onboard them so that they could get more in theater) and the loss of an island that was retaken with great courage on the part of Paras and Royal Marines.

What are we facing today?

Pretty much the same except that our dispersed forces will be pummeled by Chinese missiles.  How do you protect a widely dispersed fleet?  What about units on the ground?

How do you protect individual ships/units from being identified and pummeled into oblivion?

I don't know.  I know the brains are working this but until we get some answers this will continue to be a concern.

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