Monday, December 02, 2019

Does warning of the dangers of China (not Russia) and critiquing our defense practices make me unpatriotic?

I had a very interesting couple of comments on the blog.  Dude called me everything but a child of God.  No worries.  I'm cool with that. 

What made me pause was the implication that I was fear mongering and being unpatriotic in my critique of our defense practices.

Is it even possible that anyone would look at this blog as being unpatriotic?

I would think not, but in case there is any doubt let me be clear...I AM ULTRA-PATRIOTIC and believe in my country.

But just like any living entity it can and does make mistakes.

I've chosen to start this little platform to share my opinion on things that I think are simply awesome (the ACV, the CH-47F, etc...) and things that I think are simply fucked beyond recognition (the F-35, LCS and others).

Is it valid?  Yeah.  Have I been wrong?  Occasionally but it's kinda hard to keep tally (with my critics) when the blogosphere rotates so viciously and other so called pundits start acting like what was once rebellious is now common knowledge.

Long story short?

We've made numerous mistakes (continue to do so) and our National Security Establishment has made critical mistakes that I believe will doom us going into the future.

1.  The wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, N. Africa and Yemen.  All poorly won, did not change the status quo (could easily be said to have made things worse) and will probably go down in history as a failure of epic proportions.

2.  F-35.  I can find no other program in the history of the Pentagon that has been so poorly run, had such pathetic oversight and wasted so much money. Again this will affect our future defense and no one has the balls to say so in the mainstream defense establishment much less mainstream press.

3.  Haven't posted on it but the Ford Carrier is a nightmare that is probably doing it's best to become the next F-35.  The only thing saving it is that its only one ship but God did they screw it up.

The list goes on. 

Everyone knows this crap but no one wants to say it out loud.

So why don't I pound on our allies?  They're as screwed up as we are if not more?  Yep.  But I'll leave that to their own citizens to worry about.  If I find reports of interest I'll happily pass them on but I'm an American and my focus is the good ole' USA.

Let me leave you with this.  Dissent does not mean lack of support. 

End of Rant.

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