Sunday, December 01, 2019

Harry thinks I'm a fool for fearing enemy artillery...he's wrong...

Harry had this to say on a previous blog post...
"Artillery is reaching farther, hitting more accurately than ever before and the volume of fire is increasing as well. ... That's just gun/cannon fire. ... Toss in rockets and you have hell in a handbasket. ... We aren't ready ..."

How do you figure, Sol? The XM1299 and PrSM are both programs of record, and match or exceed anything out there right now, is that not enough or do you somehow just not know of them? You and your followers here seem to hop all over the tired "shiny toys bad, old good, muh upgrades!" fallacy, but somehow when OTHER countries do it, we have to follow, but what, 100 fold or something?

As for the rest of your drivel, what evidence do you have? Because many people much smarter than you or I with decades of experience and troves of research, wargaming, studies, etc. at their disposal seem to feel lighter, more dispersed forces are the way forward, among other things. Why should anyone listen to you over them? You don't make much of a case other than "they're wrong, listen to me instead", without presenting any credible evidence to support your claims.
Obviously Harry doesn't have a high opinion of me.  GOOD!  That I can deal with.  He can either debate me or throw hands.  Either is fine.


I wish to God I could find that narrative from the Ukrainian 1stLT that had to escape and evade back to his own lines being pursued by enemy Rifle Squads, Tracking Dogs, Drones and even Snipers AFTER witnessing his entire unit being wiped out in a savage artillery barrage.

Note that this bubba saw his entire unit rendered combat IRRELEVANT in less than a minute of concentrated artillery fire!

My prime example?

I didn't do a blog post on it but this came out about the British Army just a little while ago...via The BBC.
 Research by the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi) found that the Army, as well as Nato allies, has a "critical shortage" of artillery and ammunition.

It concluded that it could not maintain a credible defence position.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the UK works closely with Nato and is "well equipped to take on a leading role".

The research comes ahead of a meeting of Nato leaders in London next week to mark the 70th anniversary of the alliance.

"At present, there is a risk that the UK - unable to credibly fight - can be dominated lower down the escalation ladder by powers threatening escalation," the report said.

It said Britain is "comprehensively outgunned and outranged", leaving enemy artillery free to defeat UK units.

Russian artillery and rocket batteries have already proved to be potent, destroying two Ukrainian battalions in 2014 within minutes.

UK and other Nato forces not only have a limited number of artillery pieces, but also a shortage of munitions stockpiles and transportation.
The report said the "rejuvenation and modernisation" of Britain's ground-based artillery is an "urgent and critical priority".
Story here. 

The problem for Harry?

I don't see Russia as a threat.  A competitor yes.  A threat no.  They are more than willing to work with the West. 

I differ in my view of them from the rest of the US National Security Establishment.  I THINK rather than emote!  I have watched NATO violate past agreements and encroach on their borders.  I have watched them cooperate (in a limited fashion in keeping with their own interests) in the fight against ISIS.  Note.  I did not say that they were assisting in regime change in Syria but that goes against their national goals so that is to be expected.

But the big threat is one that the US National Security Establishment is slow to engage on. 

That threat is China.

China is rapidly modernizing their artillery and rocket forces.  They seem to have an EXTREME fondness for Pershing II class missiles with conventional warheads.  They are building a reach that will threaten our bases, troops and ships.

Are we behind when it comes to artillery?

You bet your ass.

Are we once again stacking all our eggs in the air delivered fires consortium at our own detriment?

You bet your ass.

Is Harry wrong in his critique?

Without a doubt.

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