Sunday, December 01, 2019

Have you read Think Defence's take on the police shooting of the terrorist? They're going full USA on the thread!

Read the thread on the above Tweet.

The Brits are going full USA.  Correction.  They're going hard core conservative with their views of law and order.

The comedy of errors involved in this thing are many (and I do say that with more than a bit of irony).

Liberal laws that SOMEHOW allowed a convicted murder to attend a seminar at a university on a day pass.


Then you have the police shooting and killing the guy (some are outraged) even though he was wearing a bomb vest that turned out to be fake.

Then you had the early release program of the terrorist himself.

I've always said that if the Europeans get hit too many times with terror attacks they'd go feral in ways that would make Hitler/Stalin/Mao roll over in their graves and take notice.

Add other economic and social pressures to this equation and when the top blows off this will be a sight to behold.

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