Saturday, December 28, 2019

Hindutva paramilitary group in India...

Thanks to "Hody.Modi" for the link.

Not sure what I'm seeing here.  Are these Nazis as claimed, Ultra Nationalist or both?

One thing I do know.  Nativism will rise unless nations get a check on unfettered immigration.  Full stop.

That's undebatable.


Its all about resources and "different".  It's a terrible thing to contemplate but it applies.  Unless those that immigrate CHOOSE to assimilate then there will be a natural tension between those that have been there and those that are arriving.

We've seen those tensions between those that are of the same ethnicity (various nationalities that have arrived in the UK are a great example) so if you add different races and/or religions to the mix then that will exacerbate the problem.

Don't get it twisted.

I'm not saying its right (definitely not saying that) but I am saying that its real.  Policy makers really need to do a better job of getting public buy in or they're setting the stage for social tension that can easily be avoided with a better scheme of assimilation....Americanization of those that arrive if you will.

As far as the video above?  I'm curious but India will solve it how India solves it.

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