Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Images from the US Embassy in Baghdad depict MV-22 Ospreys delivering U.S. Marines to the US Embassy in Baghdad to reinforce security

I wonder what the backroom fight to see who got to reinforce the embassy looked like.  I can imagine FAST Regiment, Rangers, Special Forces CIF (although they might actually be there...SF and the Marine Corps seem to be operating quite well together with almost no friction), and without a doubt portions of the 82nd.

Of course its all probably moot anyway.

Instead of pulling out I'm hearing word that up to 4000 US troops could be deployed to the region in the coming days.  Quickest units to get there (as a cohesive unit and not a joint op) would be to simply draw them from the 82nd and fly them to Kuwait to act as a "Regional" Quick Reaction Force.

I don't think we have an MEU operating in the area at this time and I don't think a Stryker Brigade can get there in time.  The 25th ID is too far away.  The 10th Mtn seems to have dropped off the map and the 101st is light only in name cause it will take a tremendous effort to get their rides into the region.

Everything else in the Army is Stryker Brigades or Armored Brigade Combat Teams.  I know its a total force kinda world but I'm not familiar with Army National Guard units or their readiness for this type of real world operation.

I imagine if in a pinch the Marines could send  2/7, 3/5 or other Battalions but I don't know their current rotations so I'm at a loss there.

The Navy is probably sending a few Burkes over and the Air Force is certainly gonna get called to provide air power.  An Air Expeditionary Force?

Regardless it looks like we're staying and playing and unlike the Brits we won't simply evacuate till this blows over (would the optics of our embassy being ransacked be that bad?).

The Middle East is a tar pit and we're up to our neck in it.

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