Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Most depressing tweet about the "siege" of our embassy in Iraq...

Have you noticed all the characterizations of our "wars" in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to the Vietnam War?

Why the linkage?

Because they're so damn similar it seems.

*  A foe that fails to realize that we have superior firepower and continues to fight.

*  Attempts at Vietnamization back then and Afghanistanization now.  After more than a decade of war we're still at step one of building both their military and govt structures.

*  Tremendous cost in lives and fortune to prop up weak govts.

And finally the sad reality that has yet to dawn on the President, Congress or the American people that the military cannot provide the type of victory that we're all looking for.

Military leadership stupidly sought victory without fully committing to the effort and they've made the rookie mistake of believing that continuing military operations equaled successful execution of the war.

Do I think this is our Dien Bien Phu?


But I do think it's another metric of how badly we've fought this thing.  I've called it before and I'll call it again.

Either by design or accident we're now participants in a regional war in the Middle East.  Either by design or accident we will not achieve victory (and I don't think anyone can define that word anymore in relation to these wars) but will inevitably tire and withdraw.

Hopefully its on our own terms but that issue MUST be faced.

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